Let's do our part for the oceans
Refills Not Landfills. Let's Make Good Changes For Good Reasons
It Starts With One At Unbottle, we believe that one person has the power to create great change and simple steps can make a big difference...you just have to get started!
Stats To Know in order to save the planet

By 2050

there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Third Largest

Single-use plastic bottles are the third largest ocean trash item.

583 Billion

single-use plastic water bottles sold in 2021

450 Years

It takes for one bottle to break down in the ground

#Unbottlewave is our rally cry to encourage people to make the switch from single-use plastic bottles and do our part for the planet.

Meet the reusable bottle that is putting single-use water bottles out of business.


Our bottles are crafted to be as unique as you are, and designed to inspire community with others. Sharing a drink, engaging in conversations and taking on adventures with new friends is a great way to do just that. Our hope is that each product we make will help you express yourself and be known.


At Unbottle, we understand we have a responsibility to preserve and protect the environment. By creating durable drinkware, every fill and use of Unbottle products means individuals are reducing single-use plastic and household waste. We are continually working alongside our manufacturing partners to make the creation, distribution, and disposal of our products as clean and earth friendly as possible.


Everyone knows they should be drinking more water. Dehydration causes weight loss, zaps your energy and impacts your health. It’s a problem for many people. With Unbottle we have crafted a solution to all of these problems. Your water is always with you, tastes better and keeps you hydrated.

Our bottle's on a mission and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. So, no matter your style or how you drink, there is a Unbottle for you!

Our mission is simple—
Reduce the use of single-use plastic by creating reusable water bottles you can count on.

Making Reusable Second Nature

So many of us thrive in outdoor spaces; it’s only natural to want to preserve them. The good news is, doing your part can be as small as taking your natural need to hydrate and giving yourself a reliable means to do so. When the bottle fits your lifestyle, reusing it becomes second nature. More hydration for you. Less waste for the planet.

Remember the why

We are obsessive about what we make, how it's made and for whom we make it. We care about the way our products impact people and the environment. We understand our consumer, and our designs are deeply connected to market insights.

Our supply chain is clear

Transparency is key when it comes to our supply chain—where it starts, where it ends, and what happens along the way. The products we build come from supply chains around the globe.


And the results? So far we have sold these many reusuable water bottles

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to know the impact

Just see the impact you can make in just the first five years



of plastic waste avoided


disposable bottles

will not be purchased to begin with


happy fish

will jump for joy because we're protecting the oceans

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