Loyalty Program

You have ensured a better tomorrow for all life, Present and Future.
Every Unbottle you purchased over a plastic bottle has been a step towards a healthier planet.

We appreciate your loyalty which has helped Unbottle make a difference. Your support for Unbottle and commitment to
sustainability is truly commendable. To support and reward your conscious decision, we are introducing the Unbottle Loyalty
Program. Start earning Unbottle coins with every purchase, which can be redeemed for exclusive discounts or even free products!

₹1 = 1 Unbottle Coin

The more you shop, the more you earn and the more you save on your next purchase! For instance, if you purchase an Unbottle for ₹1,799 you will earn 1,799 Unbottle Coins.

Follow @myunbottle on Instagram 500 Unbottle Coins

Hydration isn’t just about staying hydrated- it’s about feeling good and living your best life. That’s why our Instagram page is all about good vibes and positive energy. Join our hydration superhero squad, and be in the loop on our latest products, promotions, and even some fun challenges exclusive to our InstaFam

Share your thoughts 500 Unbottle Coins

Your feedback helps us improve and inspire others to join the reusable revolution.

When you let us know it’s your birthday. 500 Unbottle Coins

Let us join you in your birthday celebration.

Redeem Unbottle Coins

Free products

Loyalty Levels

Become an Aqua-tarian, Aqua-nator, or Aqua-venturer by earning Unbottle Coins. Each tier comes with its own exclusive perks such as extra discounts, early access to new products, and birthday gifts.

1000 Unbottle Coins

Early access to new products

Birthday present of 500
Unbottle Coins

2500 Unbottle Coins
15% off

Early access to new products

Birthday present of 500
Unbottle Coins

5000 Unbottle Coins
20% off

Exclusive early access to new products

Birthday present of 500
Unbottle Coins

Option to vote on
new colours


How do I redeem my Unbottle Coins?

To redeem your Unbottle Coins, you have the following options:

  • 3000 Unbottle Coins can be exchanged for a ₹300 off coupon.
  • 2000 Unbottle Coins can be exchanged for a ₹200 off coupon.
  • 1000 Unbottle Coins can be exchanged for a ₹100 off coupon.

    Additionally, as a referring customer, you will receive a ₹300 off coupon as a reward. And if you refer a friend, they will also receive a ₹300 off coupon as a reward.
How do invite friends and family to Unbottle?

Use the link in the rewards launcher to invite your friends and get your unique discount codes sent to you via email. A discount code can be applied to any order with an order amount above ₹1000. To apply your reward to a new subscription, email us at support@unbottle.com for a personal single-use discount code.

When do my Unbottle Coins expire? 

Never! It's a life-long perk you can enjoy.

In what ways can I share my personal referral code?

You can share your link with friends via social media or email. Keep it personal, and spamming or mass distribution to strangers is prohibited.

Can I refer multiple friends to Unbottle?

Yes! Rewards will be cumulative and so if you make multiple referrals to Unbottle, multiple rewards will be delivered to you as the referrer.