What you can do about plastic water bottle pollution?

Toss your plastic bottled water habit for good! A cultural shift can change the way plastic water bottles affect our environment.

Break your bottled water habit by filling your cabinet with 100% BPA-free, stainless steel water bottles that will not only help you improve the health of the environment, but will also be safer and better for your own health as well.

  • Ditch the habit: Make sure to stock your home with plenty of reusable stainless steel water bottles that will improve the environment and your health.
  • Purchase a water filter: Purchase a water filter to keep in your refrigerator and use it every morning to refill your reusable water bottles for the day.
  • Raise awareness: Tell your friends and family about the impact bottled water is having on our environment. Encourage your workplace to ban plastic water bottles, and educate your children about the positive impact they have on the environment when they use reusable stainless steel bottles.
  • Find alternatives: It’s not just plastic water bottles that are causing environmental harm. Try to find household items, such as soap and cleaning supplies that are in environmentally-friendly packaging.
  • Recycle: When you do use a plastic bottle, make sure that you recycle it. When you see an empty, used water bottle sitting on the street or in a park, pick it up and recycle it.
  • Use water fountains: Ask your local representative if your society can install more water fountains so people in your community can refill reusable bottles more easily.